"People always said I had a flair for dramatics. And I suppose that’s why dramas are written about me. That, and because I’m so exotic and different. "

Fall Prettier  by Therese Ramstedt

©  Liv Barath

It is about Medea from Colchis. That says it all doesn’t it? Perhaps not. Written by Therese Ramstedt and performed by a versatile cast of five, Fall Prettier is about a person and her experience of the world rather than the myth about the woman who killed her children.


We are asking the question: who can really claim ownership of a woman’s story?


Fall Prettier is a wacky and glittery musical piece exploring the bravery, solidarity and resilience of women, told through a looking glass of mythology and appropriation. It is our first major collaboration, and merges our artistic languages to create a piece about Medea and Glauce, "the other woman", full of movement, song, humour, emotion and sparkles. 


©  Pallasca Photography

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Special thanks to Ellen Patterson and Krista Grevas!

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