★★★★ Broadway World UK

"They deliver a compelling piece that fuses comedy with the dark and primal story, drawing a jarring comparison between the modern world and its mythical counterpart"

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★★★★ Within Her Words

"Bold, innovative and totally ruthless in its mission to tell its story,  Fall Prettier is definitely a show you can watch multiple times, taking something different with each viewing."

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British Theatre Guide (no star rating)

"...in just under sixty minutes, we hear some very fine a cappella singing, occasionally laugh at the way women are treated and are reminded of how even in the most difficult circumstances people can resist.”  

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Interview: Therese Ramstedt and Zandile Darko

London Live 24 June 2019

A new play coming to the capital is using the tale of Meda from Greek mythology, the woman who famously drowned her children. As a lens through which to tell a slightly more updated story which will involve bouncing exercise balls and pregnant barbie dolls. Its creators say that 'Fall Prettier' is about challenging the archetypal narratives assigned to women. Therese Ramstedt who wrote the piece  joined James Dickman along with Zandile Darko who is co-Director of the company Wet Paint and produced the play. 

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Interview: Therese Ramstedt and Zandile Darko Talk FALL PRETTIER at The Space

Broadway World UK, 24 June 2019

Feminist theatre company Wet Paint takes over The Space to deconstruct the myth of Medea in Fall Prettier. The show, written by Therese Ramstedt and co-directed with Zandile Darko, promises catchy tunes and glitter while simultaneously questioning Medea's historically male-centered narrative.

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Interview: It all started with a jingle: Therese Ramstedt on creating new Medea-inspired production Fall Prettier

My Theatre Mates, 19 June 2019

New international performance collaboration Wet Paint brings its first production Fall Prettier, to The Space later this month, promising a wacky, brutal and glitter-dusted take on appropriation of women’s narratives. 

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